Thursday, April 12, 2007

Whatever Happened to Interrobang?!

So I was reading The Comics Curmudgeon a few days ago, going back through the archive. This B.C. comic jogged my memory (God help me, and also Rest in Peace, Johnny Hart), taking me back to a time when I was still young and foolish, and inclined to believe what my teachers told me.

I can recall being told about the Interrobang in third grade or so, apparently long after it had gone out of vogue. Why, Miss L, why did you bring up such a thing?! I had been happy and secure in my knowledge of both the Question Mark (the Interro) and the Exclamation Point (the Bang). Why present me with the cryptozoological typographical symbol that died shortly after its inception, if it had ever lived at all?!

I have been haunted by this nonsense ever since, and I fully blame everyone involved.

Note to self: !?

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